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Tree Services North Shore, Sydney

Tree removal can be dangerous – if you don’t know what you’re doing. A qualified tree surgeon or tree felling company give you the peace of mind that your tree is being handled by an expert. Here at Tree Services North Shore, our professional tree services are safe, effective, and reliable. This includes tree removal, stump removal, trimming, pruning, and Arborist services. 

These Tree Services revitalise your yard and your home. Whether it’s part of a larger project or dealing with a problem tree before it causes damage, it’s about improving the space you live in and the way you feel about your home. If you’ve got a tree problem, you want it seen to quickly, safely, and without any extra stress.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best tree services in north shore for 3 reasons: uncompromising safety, outstanding quality of work, and an industry-leading service. These are the values that set us apart from the competition

Finding the Best Tree Removalist In North Shore

If you don’t know trees, how can you judge a tree removal professional? How do you avoid dodgy dealers? The most important factors to keep in mind:

-Safety: you don’t want trees falling on your house, car, or onto your             neighbour’s property. We handle tree lopping, removals, and                        disposals. The job’s done smoothly and reliably.

-Communication: you want to keep the process simple and never                be in the dark. We put communication first to achieve both.

-Pricing: a fair, up-front price for a project without any hidden costs              or unnecessary fees. You pay for the work; you get the work done.

-Disposal: we take the waste with us so there’s no waste left in your              yard and no additional risks.

-Preparation: we leave your yard in ready for whatever comes next.              That means less issues in future, and never a half job!

The best tree removal professional is a mixture of expertise and                    understanding.

This is about people just as much as trees, and Tree Services North Sure ensures you get the best of both.

Expect friendly, honest communication with proven experts!

Tree Care Professional North Shore

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Our 3 Tree Care Values (That Solve Your Problem)

1 - Safety: Keeping Your Home Safe

At TSNS, we’re certified experts in tree removal. This means no-risk tree removal.

We fell trees and remove stumps with a time-proven process for keeping your yard and home safe. Your structures, belongings, and family are in good hands.
The removal and disposal services we offer also take the risk and expense out of dealing with the aftermath of tree services.

You should never work with a tree removal service that doesn’t prioritise the wellbeing of your home. We solve these problems, so you don’t have to.

2 - Quality Of Work

You don’t want to deal with a problem you thought was already solved. You’re busy and when it comes to tree removal, you want it done in the background so you can get on with what matters to you.

This is why our work is all about quality and thoroughness. We offer a trouble-free solution every time, with speed and precision. Our prices are low, but the quality of our work is high. We are proud to offer the best Tree Removal North Shore has ever seen.

3 - Customer Service

Nobody wants to deal with a dodgy contractor or deal with a job half-done.
Our service is more than trees: it’s helping people like you deal with specialist problems. 

That makes communication and good service crucial to everything we do. We never want you to feel like you’re in the dark with a project. We insist on good communication, so you know where you stand, so the job flows smoothly, and we avoid problems before they happen.

No quality of work can offset bad service. We’ve all been there, and we all know it’s important. We set your wellbeing and service first, then back it up with outstanding work. You want more than tree removal; you want a reliable and comfortable experience. Tree Service North Shore is built with that at our core.

North Shore Tree Services

Tree Lopping Services


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Sometimes, the only thing left you can do with a tree is remove it. When you’re dealing with a dead tree, rot, or a fall risk then tree removal (or lopping) is the best solution.

We’ve performed this service a lot. Tree Services North Shore is built on extensive safe, quality tree removal. We don’t just remove the tree, but also dispose of it safely. We give you back free control over your yard, avoiding costly future work or repairs.

Whether you want cosmetic tree removal or to prevent future problems, our knowledge and experience make sure it’s a simple and smooth service.

Stump Removal Services


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Deep-set stumps can ruin your yard and your plans. They take up space, render the area useless for renovation, and may be rotting on the inside – killing other plants in your garden. 

All round, stumps are horrible ways of damaging your yard and your control over the space. You might not be surprised, then, that we’ve spent a lot of time removing stumps! Stump removal reverses all of these problems: it frees up space, beautifies the yard, and keeps the whole property healthy.

We grind stumps down and flatten out the area. This also includes proper disposal, so you’re not left dealing with left-over deadwood or rot.
In the end, it means a clean, happy yard that adds value to your home. It’s ready for anything – extension, patio, decking – without any more stubborn obstacles.
Tree Trimming Services


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When was the last time you got your tree trimmed? It matters more than you think…
When selling your home or trying to get the most out of it, a dead or unsightly tree can ruin the whole thing. A healthy, happy tree can be the difference between a beautiful home and all-year Halloween.
Trees live their best lives when they’re trimmed regularly, staying healthy and luscious.

Whatever species your tree, proper care and tending make it beautiful and adds a great dynamic to your yard. Proper tending services from an expert ensure that your tree is living up to its full potential – both in health and appearance.

We cover all of North Shore, keeping the views beautiful and house values strong. Make sure you’re not letting your home down with poorly-maintained trees!

Tree Pruning Services North Shore


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Pruning a tree is all about making sure it doesn’t begin to die and rot. That might not look great to guests or prospective buyers! Pruning helps remove badly positioned branches to allow the tree to keep growing. During winter seasons, pruning means safer trees that don’t die and collapse.

Good pruning shows up in the year-round health of your trees, keeping them vivid and healthy. This means fewer common problems, less infections through your yard, and not having to deal with full tree removal.

Look after your trees and you’ll end up with the dual benefits of healthier trees, and less effort dealing with them!

Qualified Arborist North Shore


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Trees can be bewildering to non-experts, but trees are our business.
If you have any tree problem in North Shore, now you know who to call. Tree Services North Shore – it’s self-explanatory!

We cover every species, across the entire region, with competitive rates and outstanding service. We have a history of happy customers to prove it. We can provide anything from a simple peace-of-mind consultation to trimming to completely removing any tree(s) from your yard. 

There’s no job too big or too small for a qualified and experienced arborist – and that’s what you get with us.

Professional Arborist North Shore

Why Hire A Tree Removal Professional?

You hire a tree removal professional for the time, money, safety, and making sure the job is done properly. Just like any other professional service!

As a company, we exist because tree removal, tree clearing and tree trimming are specialist skills and require specialist equipment. DIY in the field of tree removal isn’t a good idea. It’s time-consuming, dangerous, and likely to lead to bigger problems down the road.

Hiring a professional avoids the cost and risk of it all. You know the work is good, the service is safe, and you don’t have to do it yourself.
Hire a tree removal professional to avoid the time, effort, and mortal risk of felling a tree and disposing of it.
Tree Services North Shore ensures a smooth, reliable result every time without the risk to yourself and your property. It also includes disposal of any leftover tree, branches, or troublesome roots

Maintain Your Most Valuable Asset

Your home and garden are your most valuable asset. That’s financially and sentimentally. A home is a huge asset, but to live out its potential it needs to be maintained.

It’s easy to lose sight of your home’s appearance and it will bleed money and value. Proper maintenance of your yard is one common area where homeowners lose money from their valuation.
How many times have you seen a good yard and thought the house must be nice? What about the reverse?

Keeping your yard – and thus home – in great shape is good for your mind and wallet. Maintaining your yard and your trees is an extension of maintaining your home. It should be a space you want to be in and around, without any tree problems along the way. Tree Services are home services:
• Reduce the risk of damage to your home from falling branches or trees.  
• Free up yard space for family activities or building projects.
• Protect the foundations of your home from root-damage.
• Reduce the risk of rot and disease in your yard and its plants.
• Set up a better impression for viewings and agent valuations .
• Fit your home to the beautiful image you want it to present!
For whatever reason you need a tree lopped, trimmed, or pruned; you can count on us.

The best results come from the best service – and you can rest assured that Tree Services North Shore can offer this!
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Why Choose Tree Service North Shore?

Tree Service North Shore is what happens when you combine top-quality service, outstanding work, and reliable safety.

You’re going to receive an expert service tailored to your problem, your home, and your needs. We treat every case as an individual and make sure that you get the best results.

Whether it’s a big job or small, our arborist services are available with great customer service. We want to make the job fast, safe, and uncompromisingly effective!

Choose us if you want a great job at a great price without worrying about damage or long wait times.

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#1 For Removing Trees In North Shore

We do everything ‘tree’. We are equipped and expert enough to offer what you need. It can be bewildering dealing with trees, and a professional, expert opinion can provide the peace of mind and service that you need.
Bad services are everywhere, but fortunately you only need one great arborist service for your home. This means avoiding cowboy traders, dead trees, and massive costs all at once.

We offer services from helping trees grow to keeping them healthy to removing them completely. Whatever your tree’s age, problem, or species, we’re experts on it. This means keeping your home and yard at their best, without you needing to lift a finger. Get in touch to talk about your trees – and book a no-obligation consultation – today!

In certain cases we might need to consult your local council guidelines for permits before work can take place. Tree Services North Shore follow all industry guidelines and recommendations from the safe removal of trees.
Qualified Arborist North SHore

Best Tree Service In North Shore Guaranteed

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